Two countries known for their rich natural resources, both Colombia and Brazil have rich histories in gold mining with artisanal mining spanning back over many centuries. Well-known are Colombia's Cordilleran gold fields and so are the Minais Gerais and Carajas regions of Brazil. A less known and much more recently discovered area is the Taraira Gold Belt where gold was not discovered until the mid-1980s. The Taraira Belt straddles the Brazilian-Colombian border in southeastern Colombia and is the focus area of Cosigo Resources Ltd.

Brazil hosts world class gold deposits and was once the largest gold producer in the world. Due to the sheer size of the country, many areas have seen only little exploration work to date. These areas include much of the westernmost parts of the country.

Despite its highly prospective geology much of Colombia also remains underexplored or even unexplored. Periods of civil unrest prevented the country from experiencing the South American exploration booms of the past decades. As a result many areas of Colombia, long-established gold mining areas included, have yet to be introduced to modern exploration techniques. Cosigo's target area, the Taraira Gold Belt, is no exception to this rule.

Since the early 2000s, the much improved security situation in Colombia has led to rapidly increasing foreign investment and a growing economy. The World Bank today ranks Colombia among Latin America's top-3 business friendly countries. Colombia is currently experiencing an unprecedented exploration boom and Brazil, the world's eighth largest economy, continues to rank as one of the leading countries for mining investment.

Cosigo Resources Ltd., with its experienced team and technical expertise, is well-positioned in both Colombia and Brazil to realize the value of its outstanding geological assets to the benefit of its shareholders and of local communities alike.